ScHoolboy Q: Blankface LP

It took a wHile for me to write tHis, niggas is getting sHot by cops on Facebook Live, a girl I liked Has stopped texting me and moved on, plus my uncle died, but I watcHed Veep, bought some sneakers and bounced BACK. So now I can talk about the newest album of my affection, Blankface. 

First things first ScHoolboy Q is my favorite rapper. Hands down.

Some of you right now are like "wait Tawanda, wHat about Gucci?"

Gucci is a lot of tHings to me:

-a mentor

-a older brotHer/uncle figure


-a benevolent cell mate in one of my daydreams who sHows me the ropes in prison

-many more examples.


But in the act of rapping and making music ScHoolboy Q is my favorite. THis dude Has so much fun rapping and being Him on songs it's damn near infectious. It's also partly because he looks like my boy Kaleb and it makes me laugH. But I digress, I was very excited when tHis album was announced.


Now onto tHe Music,


Blankface continues Qs journey of self discovery, His last album Oxymoron was good but it wasn't anywhere near as coHesive or polarizing as Kendricks TPAB, it was kind of just there. Oxymoron was like Kourtney KardasHian; pleasant but overall uninteresting to those who dont have a vetted interest.


I liked Oxymoron a lot tho, so naturally I like BlankFace. This album is progression. ScHoolboy Q found the perfect balance between focus and not giving a fuck. SHit he raps an entire verse impersonating the preacher from Don't Be A Menace. He is truly comfortable in His own skin.


He's so comfortable that he takes his hat off in the videos for this album and reveals his giant foreHead, tHat takes courage. Shit I wear hats 24/7 if my Hair cut is 3 weeks old 😟.


ScHoolboy also got a lot better at making long songs. There's some 7 minute songs on Blankface that actually make a lot of sense, unlike Oxymoron. This album makes me appreciate Oxymoron more because  I see now that he was trying to achieve his potential. Sort of like wHen I painted my Air Force ones gold in 11th grade; I failed miserably but my creative spirit never died.


This is also an AMAZING Crip album. Like I don't know what's going on with West Coast rap these days but God damn their gangbanging music stepped up drastically.


This is the shit you listen to when your putting gas in the wHip before the drive by. Or in my case, this is what you listen to wHen you're driving slow trying to catch Pokemon by the park. Just scHeming and plotting.


I really like tHis album, ScHoolboy Q is one of the most fun but sincere rappers in the game and he deserves a lot of the accolades Kendrick gets. I give this 9 Blackwood blunts out of 10.