The Top 5 Tapes of Gucci Mane #4: Trap God

Trap God Trap God Trap God


In the lore of Gucci Mane there are many stages of his growth. Like a Dragonball Z character he has different forms. The Trap God era of Gucci is him at his BEST. It's like his Gohan Super Saiyan 2; arrogant, powerful, and quite possibly the best trap Rapper in the game.


From the beginning to the end of the tape Gucci does not take his foot off the gas. Every beat is menacing and every verse is unrelentingly ruthless. He talks about shooting Young Jeezys homie at least 8 times.


Also Waka Flocka raps his ASS off on this tape. Which is crazy because he used to be awful at the act of rapping. But god damn he crushed it here. It was like watching an open micer go from bombing to getting his first applause break.


Theres also a really under appreciated feature from a budding artist named Future. Gucci's got an ear for greatness. 


This tape got me through one of the most arrogant times in my life and I will always appreciate it for that. Comedy was going well (hahahahahaha) and I was juggling two different girls, which was a lot for me cuz I used to juggle 0. But I digress.


Trap God is a legendary tape and it is well deserving of the #4 spot.