HipHopHiatus Britney Spears: BlackOut

So Blackout.

Britney Spears went through a rough time in the mid 2000s, relationships fell apart and her squeaky clean yet pedophile's dream image fell apart faster than a pair of Nike Airforce Ones lined with Avocados.

Shit was rough for the pop star. She shaved her head and got torn apart by Paparazzi everyday. The public wanted to see her fall, but she refused, and she persevered.

Enter BlackOut, Britney Spears magnum opus.

Now last week I said that Marian Hill's Act One made me wanna date white girls again, Britney Spears BlackOut makes me change my mind Completely.

2 songs in and I'm just like "Fuck THAT shit"

I say this because Britney's dealing with some serious emotional problems on this album. She's been betrayed by the media and afro-Caucasian husband K-Fed so she's just all over the place. It's a mentally exhausting journey through futura pop hits.

This isn't the "Hit Me Baby One More Time" Britney; there's no hints and giggles about sex, this is straight up "Spit in My Mouth like you mean it" demanding Britney. And I dig it.

It's weird because this album is raunchy and defiant but she sounds less exposed than she was in the past. She openly talks about sex and who she loves to be with; she's free. It took a public breakdown and a series of unfortunate events to unlock this Britney, but here she is. Like remember in Deadpool when Wade Wilson was put in the airlock chamber until his mutant powers activated? That was 2007 for Britney Spears. Blackout is her at her BEST.

There's a meme flying around the internets that says "if Britney can make it through 2007, you can get through whatever you're going through" well when you're eating that proverbial shit sandwich, listen to BlackOut.

I give this 8 white girls saying "I literally can't even" out of 10