Vic Mensa: There's A lot Going On

So Vic Mensa, I like him but I'm not a fan.


I say I'm not a fan because I have no idea what kind of music he makes. He's constantly looking for a lane, which means he jumps from style to style to style, looking for a home.


He's like a college freshman going trough difference majors. He knows he wants to be great but he doesn't know where to be great.


So with that he drops this EP, aptly named: There's A lot Going On.


There is in fact a lot happening on this tape, most of it is Vic rapping, and Vic can rap his ass off, but he raps how I dance when I'm drunk, energized and off beat as fuck. 


This EP serves to prove that Vince is more than just a GOOD Music signee that gets confused for Travis Scott. He's a passionate young man that's full of potential that really really really really really hates Cops. 16 shots is probably the stand out track here and his emotion is evident but his only solution is to shoot the police. Shit the song ends with the audio of a police standoff. Then from there he goes to a song about fucking off D'usse. 


At the end of the day Vic made this EP to build hype for an album that might be coming out soon, he wants us to see his music has purpose and that he definitely isn't Travis Scott. Too bad I kinda wish he was.


I give this 3 out of 5 bad neck tattoos.