Mike Posner: At Night, Alone

Mike Posner, aka the white version of "The Dream" dropped an album called "At Night, Alone" and I listened to it.

Mike suggests that this album is best listened to, At Night, and Alone, so I did, I also listened to it while I trimmed my ball hair at 9 AM; just to get a different perspective.

I like Mike Posner, his first mixtape with Brain Trust in 09 was great. Back then he was just a young man trying to make it, and on this album he's a young man who's made it...but he's not happier because of it.

Some of you might see Mike Posner as a one hit wonder.  "Cooler Than Me" was a song every douche had as their ringtone. If that song was a person it'd have a man bun and generic Jordan 5s. Well Mike's grown a lot from this, and you can hear that on the new douche single, "I took a Pill In Ibiza"

Now before I go on I gotta say this album is interesting because he uses the original version of his tracks, not the radio edits. The radio edits are all Dance Remixes, which, as I'll explain in a bit betray Posners talent level.

But I took a pill in Ibiza is a great song about how he's famous but not respected, so his dreams aren't all they're cracked up to be. This is a great way to describe the whole Album. Mike Posner is famous, but his talent isn't appreciated, the girl he loves doesn't like the person he became, but as he says later in the album, he's "5'10 just trying to do the best he can".

Mike has a lot of depth, he's the White version of The Dream because hes a great writer who can make a hit, but he's not the best singer. Where Dream uses Autotune, Mike sticks to his raspy delivery, which works for him, but make him PERFECT for dance remixes.

Yes, like Black eye witnesses at the scene of a crime, people can't stop remixing Posners tracks. So as a result his longing for human connection in this crazy world becomes the soundtrack for guys in Express shirts dry humping phlebotomists in a shitty club.

Mike doesn't want this to be his fate, he's put real time into making music, this is what he's always wanted, and it's been distorted like my opinion on Johnny Depp. However all is not lost, because despite the loneliness, emptiness and lack of satisfaction he may feel, he can still write one hell of a song.

I give this album 17 Blue Dolphin pills out of 20.