Suck On This: Pre Candy Mixtape

So Suck On This...


Die Antwoord is a white South African rap group.  White South Africans aren't my cup of tea, you know how ignorant white Americans afraid to acknowledge the history like to say "Slavery was 200 years ago, Get over it"? Well South Africans can't say shit cuz Apartheid ended like 30 years ago so the wounds are still fresh. Besides Charlize Theron and half of Trevor Noah I don't rock with Afrikaners. So Die Antwoord was a stretch.


But after Gucci came home I got over my bias and gave their mixtape a listen. I didn't know what to expect but it was worth a shot.


So this Mixtape is a prequel to an album they have coming out. You get that vibe that there's more in store in the future, usually this can come off lazy or arrogant but in this context it felt like they were DYING to give out more music. I liked that. The anticipation they build throughout the tape is at high school cocktease levels. That's pretty cool.


Now onto the music, Die Antwoord is like rap meets EDM meets the devil who turns out to be Nelson Mandela. This shit is crazy. There's 2 rappers in the group, Ninja and Yolanda Vi$$er, ones a guy and the others a gal, but when they come together they become a monster. This shit plays out like if Joker and Harley Quinn became a rap group, or if Mickey and Mallory went on a recording spree instead of a shooting spree. Or for those who don't get these references, this tape Is like listening to your crazy upstairs neighbors have make up sex.


I'm not usually a fan of African rap, mostly because it's either extra hip-hoppy like "look at how many English words I know" or that sing songy "let's talk to the elders" bullshit. But this group breaks the mold.


I think it's cuz they're white, like usually white rappers have a chip on their shoulder cuz they're a minority in the game, but white South African rappers gotta have a whole fucking Pringles can because whites are a minority in the COUNTRY.

They got a whole song dedicated to Anal sex, which sounds pretty gross cuz all I could think about was African HIV rates and how it's easier to transmit during bootyhole play. I felt pretty bad for Africa til I remembered I was actually thinking of Atlanta HIV rates. So that was a moment that came and went. 


The sounds are very druggy and their DJ lays a ground work of eclectic beats, rhythms and harmonies for the rappers to cause gleeful havoc. They are not the greatest rappers ever, but the have fun and try. Which is all you can really ask.


This tape had the hard challenge of distracting me from anything Gucci Mane related, (which got difficult because one of the best songs on it is called "Gucci Coochie) and it succeeded. I don't know when Die Antwoord will drop their upcoming LP, but I'll definitely give it a listen.


I give this 7.6 Charlize Theron facial expressions out of 10.