James Blake: The Colour of Personality

Ok so this James Blake,


This was a very interesting album to pick for me because I don't listen to James Blake. I don't know any of his music, I thought he was the dude that sang "you're beautiful" a few years back, plus I'm pretty sure I went to high school with his Cousin. So I went into this with no real impression.


I gotta say, this is pretty good. I was expecting generic sad white boy "all the girls on my tinder look like my ex" shit but i didn't get any of that. James is a real Musician, all the experiments that rappers/R&B artists take are things they copied from guys like him.


He does all the musical shit Kanye does without the actual crazy shit Kanye does.  If he dropped a sneaker I would camp outside of whatever J Crew they sold it at.


This is that shit younger me would play to impress a white girl to prove I'm "More than just a nigga in a Lacoste shirt". This is that shit adult me would play to impress a black girl to prove I can "actually afford a Lacoste shirt" (I still can't)


He paints a vivid picture, I feel like I just got dumped at Heathrow airport and now I'm just sitting in Terminal 3 drinking a Guinness trying to figure out Rugby.


This really is a great album

to sad too. Get drunk and watch Netflix on a Saturday night! Find that pornstar who looks like your ex but excited about sex! Go ahead and Masturbate, when you feel guilty and sad, listen to this shit. It'll blow your mind. 


I bet 6 out of every 10 musicians that moved to Bed Sty think they're making this quality level of music while they're on GarageBand. Hate to break it to you Simon but you aren't James, no ones gonna ask you about your favorite Ratatat album.


When I first saw that there was no really dope album dropping this week I was kind of upset. But then this showed up on my Tidal and now I'm pretty content. I give this 8.5 over priced pleather Jackets from Urban Outfitters out of 10