Kodak Black : Lil Big Pac

Sorry for the delay, I saw that Jake the Snake documentary and I couldn't stop crying. But here we go with that Kodak Black


Lil BIG Pac is the newest tape by Kodak Black, the Haitian Sensation.
If you aren't familiar with Kodak, I don't blame you. You probably listen to Nas, even when you're having sex or partying with friends. But Kodak is an 18 year old rapper from Florida who made a song called No Flockin', I'll admit it wasn't the best but it showed potential, especially from an 18 year old.
Also Kodak might be the ugliest person I've ever seen. Like he has all the features of a 2d cartoon character but he exists in our world. Remember when Homer walked into the 3rd dimension on the Simpsons? Well Kodak is the black version of him with a grill and burglary charges.
But I digress, Kodak dropped a tape last week called Lil BIG Pac, and it is DOPE. I honest to god wasn't expecting it to be this good. He experiments with flows and shows a great song making ability. Granted he won me over by doing a song with Gucci and making a punchline about Kurt Angle. That's all you need for me to say it's a hit.
But besides Guwop and wrestling references, Kodak is sincere. A lot of rappers struggle to express themselves honestly and can get trapped behind trying to ride a beat and spitting crazy lyrics. Kodak doesn't have this problem because, well, Kodak just doesn't care. He can say a lot without having to say too much. He's like a young TI, older Boosie and pre Birdman molested Lil Wayne combined. If you're in to that kind of thing you'll really enjoy this tape.
This is the kind of tape you listen to before you take a student loan check and spend it on a grill. I'd play this at a party but I feel like everyone would wanna steal some shit cuz that's a part of the struggle.
I really really rock with this tho. I give it 4.5 Bantu knots out of 5.