YG: Still Brazy

So Still Brazy is the bontinuation of YGs first album "My Krazy Life" one of 2014s best releases. Some balled it the sister album to Kendricks "Good Kid MAAD City" as it spun a very bohesive narrative of a day in the life of a Bompton resident.

Ok I'm gonna stop writing like a blood, this shit is tedious and I'm wearing blue shoes right now so I'm just a walking bontradiction, ok that's the last one.

Anyway, if My Krazy Life was a movie, Still Brazy is the sequel. YGs a rap star with a gang of fans. He's been interviewed by NPR and Narduwar, but he can't leave the gang life alone. So as a result, he gets shot and almost dies.

A lot of this album revolves around this shooting and his lack of trust of those around him. From the homies to the hoes, everyone's suspect. But as this is happening, YGs perspective grows beyond the hood and he starts to see the worlds issues. I won't flex you, he basically just says Fuck Donald Trump and "bitches can't be acting like niggas" so he's not the most worldly yet. But he's still taking those first steps.

My Krazy Life was one of the best albums of 2014, that shit made you wanna be a Blood, and I don't mean like a NY Dipset Blood, but like a "I got a perm and low top Bhuck Taylor" Blood. Still Brazy doesn't have the same feel. It's a good album don't get me wrong but I was still thinking about coping Blue shoes and putting blueberries in my Yogurt.

And overall it really helps build a joint narrative with Kendrick. It's like Menace to Society, YG is O-Dawg and Kendrick is Shareef. While we, the listener sit back like Kane.

This is a good start to the summer. I give this 7.5 knee-high socks out of 8