Riff Raff- Peach Panther

Oooooooooooohhhhh shit.


Riff Raff AKA the Peach Panther AKA Jody Highroller AKA the Neon Icon AKA the White Wesley Snipes AKA RAP GAME BO JACKSON, has dropped his second album Peach Panther


I'll sum this up for you all now without a long review. If you like lyrics and cohesive thought, you probably aren't gonna like this. He's not a good rapper and there's a chance he's mentally unstable. But I enjoy it.

Riff Raff is a character that's self aware of the joke, but now people accept him so he doesn't have much to prove anymore. Like, what happens after Rudy made that tackle and goes to practice the next day? This is tape is what happens. 


This is what you work out to when you wanna do steroids but fear the side effects.


This is American Gladiator music.


Remember that girl you liked at your suburban high school who you were SURE would like you too if she got to know you? Well this is the music that played in her older boyfriends Camaro.


Riff isn't a great rapper, but if he ever wanted to go into Cereal making he'd be young Kellogg in these streets. I give this album 5.5 accusations of appropriation out of 9