New English-Desiigner

Ok so Desiigner AKA Diet Future AKA I can't believe it's not Hendrix dropped his debut mixtape New iEnglish.


It's called New English because half of his verses aren't words, they're just sounds. Desiigner sounds like he's becoming a werewolf on a cloudy night. He's Scooby Doo if Scooby snacks were Molly pills.


Anyway I gave it a full listen, and I gotta say Desiigner worked really really hard at being the best version of Future he could possibly be. I don't want to beat a joke into the ground but dude really sounds like Future and he stays in Future's lane. He raps in Autotune about driving while sipping lean, Desiigner sounds so much like Future Ciara sued for child support.


Besides being a doppelgänger, it's really hard to figure out what Desiigner is about, a lot of tracks are only 2 minutes long. It's almost pointless.


I say "almost" because Desiigners saving grace is that he can perform his ASS off. watching Desiigner perform live is an experience, granted he only had one major track, but this nigga performs Panda like he just heard it for the first time. Unfortunately this isn't a visual album so you don't see the performance. You just hear the struggle for greatness.


ALSO much like the R + L = J theory from Game Of Thrones, we finally figure out Desiigners origin. We find out that Pusha T, not Kanye, signed him to GOOD Music. So this goes from a rash decision by a crazy genius to the calculated plan of a hip hop mastermind. This is a very interesting development that I want to see explained more. Also


Overall it's an ok tape, he made me into a supporter from a skeptic, but I'm still not a fan.


I give this 3.5 Dabs out of 6