The Top 5 Gucci Tapes of All Time. #5 Writing On the Wall

Number 5 on this illustrious list goes to the 09 masterpiece: Writing on the Wall. 

Writing on the Wall is a Gucci tape hosted by DJ Holiday, a louder, more obnoxious version of DJ Drama. His voice was unavoidable, an he talks some real cash shit, but Gucci backs him up the way Brock Lesnar backs up Paul Heyman (or how George Washington backed up Alexander Hamilton). 

This tape is just motivational, from the beginning to the end Gucci raps like his freedom depends on it. Which is weird because I'm pretty sure he was in jail when this dropped. 

I heard this tape the summer I started to grow dreads and on everything they grew like 5 inches in 3 weeks. This shit just made you wanna sell drugs the way a good trap song should. 


FIRST. DAY. OUT. Quite possibly the BEST Gucci song of all time. 

First time I heard that track I got an "I Love Gucci Mane" shirt made, no bullshit go ask Stephanny Morales. She was there for the shit.

In addition to this legendary track, Gucci officially brings out a young rapper by the name of Waka Flocka Flame. And he really really really sucks, for now. 

The hit single Wasted debuts on this too. We don't realize it yet but there will be many a blackout to the sound of "rockstar lifestyle might dont make it". 

With all this in mind its crazy to think that this tape is Number 5 on the list but trust me,  the other tapes are too fire.