The Life of Pablo Revisited


When this album came out it was a tidal exclusive and I felt like I was the SHIT for having Tidal. Then he dropped it everywhere else and I stopped feeling special, so I stopped listening to the album.

However in celebration of Kanyes new adidas deal I decided to come back to The Life Of Pablo.

Kanye does something real cool where he updates and changes tracks on the album whenever he feels like it. At first I thought it'd be corny like when you edit Facebook comments in an argument, but it's dope like when you edit FB statuses to get rid of typos.

Like you know how you watch reruns and part of you hopes things happen a differently? Like maybe this time Jon Snow won't get stabbed or Omar will shoot that kid Kenard in the face; this is how the tape feels.

I remember the first time I heard this album I was stressed out over a girl, and now months later, I'm stressed over a completely different girl, I've grown. And what's crazy is that it feels like this album grew with me. 

You can hear the progression in the midst of familiarity. I really like that.

Plus Saint Pablo is a fucking banger. 

This album is so good I might watch the famous video aga-no wait that shit was really trash. Like really really really trash. This album is still good tho.


I forget what I gave it before, but today I'll give it 28 days out of a 30 day Tidal free trial.