Snoop Dogg: CoolAid

So I was on Instagram just casually looking at girls I used to date like I usually do and I saw something really interesting. Snoop Dogg had a new album dropping today. And that album is called Cool-Aid.


This is interesting because Snoop Dogg has one of the most underrated  discographies in music. He drops a new tape every year, and while they aren't all amazing, he takes the risks he wants to take but stays consistently Snoop.


Cool Aid starts off trash. the song Legend might be the worst song I've heard all year. He uses that migos/Gucci flow to talk about his accomplishments and it's physically painful. I would rather listen to that Gravely voiced woman on NPR read the Armenian dictionary than hear that shit again.


BUT, Snoop bounces back, or should I say bounces bacc. The album turns around so swiftly I legit think Legend was a parody of all these rappers who sound the same.


Snoop raps about 3 things, weed, hoes and Crippin. It sounds basic but these are his strengths and he does them well. Where some rappers fall into this hole where they try to become better people and let their music reflect it, snoop avoids it by acting like he hasn't learned a damn thing in 25 years. No song proves that more than the damn near heroic "Super Crip". 


This album is so unapologetically gangsta you forget that Snoop Doggs son went to UCLA. This album is so gangsta you forget Snoop hosted The Price Is Right, Google that shit.


It's hard not to see this as a response to YGs Still Brazy; where YG was a bodacious, bombastic blood, Snoop is a confident, calculated Crip.


While I enjoy this album, it's long as shit, 20 tracks in this day and age might as well be a double disc. I see why they call him Uncle Snoop cuz it's real fun at first but after a while you kinda want him to leave you alone and stop hitting on your girlfriend.


Still it's nice to see a rapper in their 40s with a family still put out some ignorant gangsta shit. I give this 7 failed drug tests out of 10.