Young Thug: Slime Season 3

Hey y'all I'm here to review this Slime Season 3 album. I would've posted this earlier but I ate a weed gummy bear and had an anxiety attack. Let's get to it!

First things first young Thug is not a rapper. Sometimes he puts words together that sound like rap but he's not a rapper. 

Remember that episode of Ren and Stimpy when Stimpy took the pure evil side of Ren out of his soul? Imagine that with Lil Wayne, Young Thug is the pure talent of Lil Wayne personified. 

In an interview Young Thug once said that he's from "that Super Earth that was on the Discovery channel". I believe him because he raps like he's trying to learn how to talk to earthlings. He will mumble the words "peanut butter jelly" but will say "litigious" as clear as fucking day. 

Young Thug is an Alien and Slime Season 3 is his crop circle. It's confusing, provocative, and you can't stop admiring it. The song Digits is a piece of ART, the first time I heard it I fully understood how Hal Jordan felt when that Alien gave him the green lantern ring. "I shouldn't have this, but now I glow" 

At 30 minutes it's a quick journey, but that's actually a benefit because the replay value is off the charts. If you aren't a Young Thug fan this probably won't make you one; he doesn't say words and still dresses like a rebellious teenage girl. But if you are down to hear what that Independence Day alien would've said if Will Smith didn't knock him out, download this. 

I give this album 4 lip rings out of 5.