TI-Urban Legend

Hey y'all it's #TBT so I'm gonna dust off one of my favorite albums from high school, Urban Legend. 

TI was one of my favorite rappers of all time til he stopped wearing grills and started saying SAT words unnecessarily. Don’t get me wrong growth is always good but you can’t deny that Dope Dealin’ Pre Call of Duty Gun ownin’ TI was the TRUTH. 

This was his best album to me. King was mainstream success but Urban Legend was for the Streets. It was just so motivational. That's one of the best things about real Trap Music, they make you wanna do some shit. "If I can cook base YOU CAN TOO SHAWTY" TI does it well here. 

The beats are all triumphant, the rhymes were precise, you would've had no idea TI was going back to jail again...and again..and again. 

Urban Legend was the soundtrack for growth. This the album you listen to when you gotta work overtime for a month or try and get Abs ready for the summer. This the album you play after taking an L so you can tell yourself there are no real Losses, just Lessons.

This shit was POPPING. I can't even rate it right now, I'm too busy remembering the first time I saw the U Don't Know Me video at the end of Bring Em Out, TI was a legend and this album is a must listen.