A Tribe Called Quest: The Low End Theory (RIP PHIFE DAWG)

Well damn, I wish I had a happier reason to bump this album but here we are. 

Phife Dawg was a real interesting cat, not only was he a great rapper, he was one of the first in a long line of rappers to say "I'm ugly but I still get ass" 

5 foot tall, 150 pounds and wore a size 36 waist, but if you didn't watch your girl she was hers. That's some braggadocio. 

Besides the circumstances this album is dope. This is the type of Hiphop people bring up in the YouTube comments of a Migos video. This is REAL. 

It's the perfect soundtrack for a blunted walk through the city, a sex session, or even a fight. you really could beat the shit out of someone to Vibes and Stuff. 

In 48 minutes this album defined a generation of Hiphop. Again it sucks that we're all gonna listen to it because Phifes gone, but its awesome
that this is his legacy.