Cardi B: Gangsta Bitch Music Vol 1

So today I decided to celebrate #MixtapeMondayand listen to the princess of NY Cardi B. If you don't know who Cardi B is, go on IG, turn on Vh1, ask your hood ass cousin that still wears China slippers. She's poppin in the streets.

But here's a quick rundown, Cardi is a regular, shmegular girl from the Bronx that got really popular making Instagram videos about being a hoe, stripping and daily motivations. Simply put, you're either gonna love her or hate her. No in between. 

With that said Cardi decided to start rapping and released Gangsta Bitch Music Vol 1, and surprisingly it's not bad. I mean granted she just started rapping like yesterday and the contents pretty basic, but if you want a soundtrack to shoplift makeup from Walgreens while your girl flirts with the ashy security guard, this is it. 
However if you hate hearing a girl tell you how she doesn't like broke niggas and hates bitches with bad weave, this isn't for you. 

I like it tho, like Cardi, it's not all jokes and she really has something to say; no matter the circumstances, she has to win. 

I give this 3.5 Brazilian bundles out of 5.