Zayn Malik: Mind of Mine

Ok so, not everything is rap, no matter how dope an album cover it has. So here's my review of Zayns album Mind Of Mine:

First things first I never listened to One Direction, and I don't mean that in the "I'm an adult and I wear my lack of pop culture knowledge as a badge of honor" way. I just never got around to listening to them. So I'm not sure if Zayn is the most talented one or not, but it appears so cuz he got the first solo album. 

The cover of this album is really cool, I mean it's irresponsible to have a baby with tattoos, but it's really cool. 

The album, not so much. 

When it comes to R&B or whatever Im a fan of artists that sing like they have no other option. Anthony Hamilton really missed Charlene, Ginuwine really needed that girl to come over late at night, and Chris Brown really needed to support his cocaine habit. People sang with PURPOSE. Zayn on the other hand really doesn't have purpose. He's just singing to...sing. 

This album feels like a contractual agreement, like he made this so he could still be on red carpets and afford that good grey hair dye. 

I really have no idea who he is after listening to this. This shit sounds like the soundtrack to a wack CW show, like I'd hear these songs on iZombie whenever Blaine did some fuckboi shit. 

But hey, if you're looking for an album to play when you're picking up that girl you wanna sleep with on a weird "is it a date" date to the museum, this might be the shit you'll like. I give this 2 H&M Blazers out of 5.