Gucci Mane: Woptober

Here we are.

Can you believe Gucci is out of jail and already two albums deep? It's almost like a dream. But low and behold it's a beautiful reality. 

Everybody Looking came out last month and I skipped past reviewing it. A lot of people expected me to but I have a theory:

Rappers that go to jail are like athletes that tear they're ACLs, it can make or break a career. Shyne went to jail and came out a Hasidic Jew, he's probably out in Belize buying up property and kicking out families. Lil Wayne went in to jail in his prime and came out to becoming an afterthought. However, some rappers can bounce back, but it still takes a time to get back into the swing of things. So with that said Everybody Looking wasn't Gucci at full strength. 


I also knew Everybody Looking wasn't a good album because people who didn't like Gucci before loved that album. He had songs with Drake and Kanye, back in the day he was too deep in the trap to ever associate with these people. You could tell that Gucci was worried the DA was listening to everything he said on that record cuz one wrong bar could send him back to jail. He wasn't comfortable, yet.


And now we have Woptober.


Gucci Mane is proof that repeat stints in jail might actually help someone's well being. Cuz after the 50leventh time in prison Gucci finally got his shit together. He's sober and better shape than I could ever been in. Plus his mindset has changed for the better.


Before jail he used to cook crack, now he just knows who's selling meth. That separation is cause for celebration.


Woptober is the album of the changed mindset. While he still raps about some pure gangsta shit, he also shows another side of himself; a side we never see, his shame about his drug addiction. Yes Gucci is happy he's sober but luckily for us he can still rap about dope, evil shit.


Gucci's old music made you wanna sell drugs, Gucci's new music makes you wanna go to the gym, either way he got us pushing weight.


I know I'm bias but I am happy with this album, it's not Guwop in his nasally criminal prime, but he's building towards something bigger and better.


I give this 8.5 house arrest bracelets out of 10.