Ty Dolla Sign: Campaign

Ty Dolla Sign is one of the most talented people in music today. Dudes worked with everyone from Gucci Mane to Sir Paul McCartney. The only other person to accomplish this is Yeezus himself. You want a club anthem hit, you go to Dolla Sign,

This album feels like a fresh haircut and sneakers. Like you know when you leave the barbershop and your beard connects for the first time ever? That's what Campaign sounds like.

Ty Dolla Sign makes bangers of all kinds because he can, however it feels like he's hesitant about becoming the artist he's supposed to be. For every club hit or song about dogging hoes, there's a song about police brutality. This is where he really shines.

This is a good album to listen to when your buying condoms while listening to an NPR podcast. 

Ty wants you to believe that his biggest fear is emotional intimacy, in reality he's truly afraid of being helpless within the confides of the system. It's almost like he treats women badly because he feels like he doesn't have control in his own life. That's real meta for a guy who has a song called "'My Pussy"

Dolla Sign knows he has a responsibility but he doesn't wanna stop having fun, it feels like he's at the end of his quarter life crisis. He's got money, he's got fame and he's got more hos than a Santa Claus convention. Now it's time to grow up.

I could go on and on about this tape but that Santa line was really corny so I gotta go stare into the distance while I listen to 3 Wayz.

T Dolla makes good music, but he's got the potential to make the best music. I give this 7.5 pairs of Vans Old Skools out of 9.