Gucci Mane: The Return Of East Atlanta Santa


People ask me why I like Gucci and it's mostly because he believes in himself. He's rapped for 10+ years and never had any doubt in his ability. Killing a man must do wonders for your confidence

So with that we have The Return of East Atlanta Santa.

I knew this album was gonna be good when I heard Gucci say "fruskrated" in an interview. I was hype cuz I knew that meant stopped taking his nasal medication and brought it back to what made him great.

Gucci is at his best when he throws caution to the wind and just does what he feels like. In the past this used to mean he just did drugs and committed crimes, but now he's calmed down. He might not be a drug addict anymore but he still could kill all of us.

This album is really good. I'll admit tho some of the features are unnecessary. Like Drake has no reason to be on a Gucci track. It feels like Drake just does songs with people for the Instagram picture they'll take in the studio.

Losing weight did so much for Gucci's aggression, like remember when Missy Elliot lost 30 pounds started thought she could fuck everybody? Well Gucci's lost 90 and you can't tell him a god damn thing.

Gucci raps so gangsta it's physically painful. Songs like No Smoke are obnoxiously gangsta. I used to wonder why people listen to Metal but after listening to a guy rap about murdering me in a thousand different ways I totally get it.

No matter how reformed Guwop might be, he will always cops. I bet when he counts he say "ten, eleven, thirteen" cuz fuck twelve.

Again if you are a "hip hop head" this album is not for you. Like if you had a choice between playing this album or posting a meme about the "feminization of the black male" or whatever you niggas do, do that shit.

This album is dope tho, I rock with it heavy so I'll give it 8.5 adlibs out of 10.