Ari Lennox - Shea Butter Baby

R&B has grown a lot. Women in R&B have grown a lot
Women in R&B have been more open and honest about how they feel and what they want and it’s translated to some great music. Sexy R&B songs used to be all metaphors about the rain or waves or a sunrise; you had to read between the lines to know what was going on between the sheets. Nowadays, sexy songs cut through the bullshit and get straight to the point. For a man who’s been oblivious of flirtation for years, this has been a god send. 

This brings me to Ari Lennox. It is hard to misinterpret what Ari Lennox wants in her songs. She’s has the energy of that neighbor you’re afraid to confront because she has really loud sex on weekdays. She hates how much she loves niggas and the touch of a man and it translates to some soulful, hilarious music. 

So without further ado, let’s get into her album “Shea Butter Baby”. 

This is real wavy.

Throughout this whole album I felt like she was singing and speaking to ME. It felt like a good first date where you both look like the pictures and have the same conversational skills without relying on Gifs or emojis. Ari is full herself and it’s fun to hear. Halfway through her album I could tell she’s the type of woman to tell you how the bronze IUD made her period cramps a thousand times worse. She’s comfortable with herself no matter the situation. 

I listened to this album while I was on amazon and bought so many essential oils I got added to an anti-vax newsletter. Listening to Ari talk between songs makes me smile and see the world in Sepia Colored Glasses. This is the music you listen to when you order from the vegan restaurant because it’s black owned. 

That impossible burger don’t hit the same way as McDonalds, but in your soul you know you made the right decision. 

I cannot stress how funny Ari Lennox is. Seriously the talking in between songs and even the song lyrics are hilarious. She rhymes lingerie with Target and I started laughing out loud on my way to the train. Most artists take themselves so serious and songs about sex WAY more serious. Seriously, these niggas treat sex like it’s the SATs, when in reality it’s the PSATs, it doesn’t matter that much in the grand scheme of things. It’s ok to have fun in a song about intercourse, Ari understands this and it does not kill the vibe in any way.  

If I had any critiques I’d say it ends surprisingly fast. Maybe I was just swept up in the moment but it felt like by the time I was into it I was back at track 1. With that said, I did not mind going back to the beginning and experiencing it all over again. Ari Lennox is great, Shea Butter Baby is a joy to listen to and women singing openly about sex is always amazing to hear. 

I give “Shea Butter Baby” 4.5 Bottles of Alkaline Water out of 5.