Mac Miller - Swimming

Mac Miller was a beautiful soul.

He had a charm about him that put you at ease; a real likable guy. So naturally the first time I saw him I hated him. Granted I was an anxious, insecure 20 year old who was jealous of the ease he went through life, but I really didn’t like him. I thought he was just another white rapper profiting off of being a white rapper. However as time progressed and I got over myself, I realized that he was actually a great rapper. Macadelic is where it all came together for me, I saw him weave between sounds and casually jump from line to line with ease. Rapping is what he was here to do, and it was pure. 

As the years went by I didn’t become an avid fan of Mac’s music but I would always smile when I saw him featured on a song or tagged in an IG photo. To me he was a friend of a friend, I wouldn’t invite him to my wedding but I would appreciate the fact that he liked the photos from the Reception on Facebook. I always meant to get into his music, I knew that one day I would have to make a concerted effort to truly become a fan. Unfortunately, he passed away before I got the chance. 

I know we strive to give someone their flowers while they can still smell them but life doesn’t always work out that way. So with that said, let’s get into Mac Miller’s album “Swimming”.

Mac Miller knew how to make music. 
A lot of people can rap, a lot of people can sing, but the number of people who can really make music is surprisingly slim. Mac was one of those people. “Swimming” is cohesive and flows so casually, at points it feels like one long song. This is a good album to listen to when you’re high and stuck in traffic. You can literally feel the stress melt away. You had a hard day at work? Listen to Swimming. Your Girlfriend’s mad because you forgot to delete your Tinder profile and her friend saw it? Listen to Swimming. This is a good “I know I have shit to worry about but I don’t feel like worrying now” album. If you need something to listen to while you sleep on your unfolded laundry for 3 nights straight, Mac Miller made an album for you. 

This is that shit you listen to while you clean your room after a depressive episode. You’ll be bobbing your while you swifter under your bed and laugh to yourself when you find an expired condom. This album is designed to keep your worry in check.  When you feel like you’re drowning, listen to Swimming. 

I know around the time of this album Mac was going through a breakup and dealing with his addictions, it makes me sad to think that he was spiraling the way he was, however it’s beautiful that he could still make music. While he’s not here in the physical, his spirit lives on in his art, and that’s a blessing. 

RIP Mac Miller.