Young Dolph - Role Model


Young Dolph is extremely consistent. He’s never gonna be the greatest rapper in the world but god dammit is he one of the most entertaining. He’s hilarious, motivational, and really lives what he raps about. People have tried to kill him multiple times and he comes back every time talking more shit and rapping louder like the shit never happened. 

Young Dolph is like the Kenny Powers of trap music because he’s a loud, obnoxious asshole but you want to root for him. Even though he told you he fucked your sister and your baby’s moms, you still want him to shit on the niggas that tried to shoot him. 

So with that said, lets get into Role Model. 

As I said before, Dolph has reached the peak of his rapping ability. He’s never going to impress the lyrical miracle crowd but he knows how to get his point across. Young Dolph is gonna ball, he’s gonna flex, and he’s never gonna forget where he came from. If you’re expecting to hear anything else, you’re in for a disappointment. However if you need to hear something that’ll motivate you into buying Yeezys at 2 AM because you’ve always wanted to stunt on the (imaginary) niggas who don’t want you to win, listen to Dolph. 

When I started listening to Role Model I had a cold, when I finished listening to Role Model I could breathe freely, true story. This is that music you listen to when you wanna fight Seasonal Depression without going to a therapist. I’m like 80 percent sure Young Dolph talks in his sleep or has unresolved anxiety but he never stops moving forward. I honestly believe that Gucci Mane doesn’t rap with the same intensity he used to because he sees Dolph as the future.

My only beef with Role Model is that it’s kind of cemented in my mind that Dolph will never become the household name I want him to be. Young Dolph is never going to perform on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon or make a cameo in a summer blockbuster. It’s selfish but I really want the world to know and love Dolph. Some people might think of commercial success as “Selling Out” but I see it as “word the world gets to enjoy what I enjoy”. Role Model shows that Dolph is truly content with being the most known unknown (word to Three 6 Mafia). 

Overall Role Model is really fun, it won’t make you into a Dolph fan but it will make you forget that Young Dolph’s real name is Adolph. I give Role Model 7 Louis Vutton Duffle Bags out of 9.