YG - Stay Dangerous

Let’s get this out the way, YG isn’t an amazing rapper. I think he’d tell you that. But YG can make an album with the best of them. He reminds me of a decent comic who can make great specials. He understands pacing extremely well.

YG does what YG wants. If he wants to dance he dances, if he wants to rap with weird flows, he’ll flow weird, and if he wants to wear a fur coat with shorts and dress shoes he’s gonna do that shit. Seriously YG dresses like Russell Westbrook on Extacy.

YG is a free spirit and you gotta love it. Everytime I hear YG is working on a project I get excited because I know I’ll be able to be a fake blood for a month. Dude brought the art of Bloodwalking back in a major way and he deserves his respect.

So without further ado, lets discuss Stay Dangerous.

YG albums break down to a few topics, he’s a Blood, he enjoys being a Blood most of the time, but sometimes he doesn’t. That’s it. Stay Dangerous follows this same bluep-I mean outline. Except things are a bit different, YG is still a Blood but he’s also got legit money; he doesn’t gotta gangbang anymore.

Things on this album are a little looser, YGs having more fun and just living his life. This is the kind of album you listen to when you gotta work remotely. You don’t gotta be as vigilant as usual but you still gotta keep an eye open to make sure you aren’t caught slipping. YG just wants to relax and have some fun with his friends away from all the bullshit being a Blood is a giant part of his identity.

Despite the dangers of the street, YG loves the authenticity. He could just be another rapper, making appearances at Wild N Out and teaching Jimmy Fallon how to speak like a Blood on the Tonight Show but he’d rather be himself; a much harder endeavor.

Stay Dangerous is complex because on one end there’s the “I just wanna fuck bitches and get money records” and on the other end there’s “I have a lot of fears about the consequences of my lifestyle”. This album is a lot like how YG dresses: he doesn’t know what to do but it works for him and only him. 

Stay Dangerous threw me for a loop. I played this while I got dressed and ended up in an all blue outfit. Which for a YG album seems like a bad sign but honestly I felt very comfortable in my fake bloodness. This is an album made by a guy who really knows himself and is comfortable with that fact. He’s not worried about impressing anyone, he just wants to raise his daughter and wear Church shoes with Basketball Shorts.

Stay Dangerous is a fun album and I really enjoy it. I give it 7 Patent Leather Wingtip Shoes worn with a mesh Tank Top out of 11.