Post Malone - Beerbongs and Bentley’s

I listen to Post Malone with the worry that he’ll say the N-Word at some point.

Post Malone looks like the guy who brings guitars to parties and the guy who freestyles at parties raised a baby together. He’s dirty and clean at the same time, like Pig Pen from Charlie Brown. We all know a white dude or two that looks just like Post Malone.

However beneath that lovably crusty exterior, there lies a whole lot of problematic speaking. He’s been called a culture vulture on several different occasions and his thoughts on Modern HipHop do not help. Music fans with more integrity than me refuse to listen to Post Malone because of his dumb ass thoughts, but I figured I’d give him a shot. Mostly because I liked his last album and partly because he looks like a Dog that learned how to speak Human.

So with that said I pressed play on Beerbongs and Bentley’s.

My one of my favorite things about music is when artists convince you that their success with women is based in how smooth they are and not how rich they are. Post Malone does the opposite. He doesn’t explicitly say “these girls only like me cuz I’m rich and famous” but he raps about giving girls cocaine so it’s pretty clear they only like him cuz he’s rich and famous. Post knows the second he goes broke all these women are gone, but he’ll enjoy the moment.

This album is entirely about living in the moment before shit goes south. This is the album you listen to the day before you get kicked out of school. If I needed to play an album before I lost custody of my kids, I’d listen to this.

I never really got comfortable with this album because again, I was always afraid he’d say Nigga. Post got this carefree nature that teeters on Oblivious sometimes. He reminds me of those people who move into black neighborhoods and ride their bikes with no hands. Like fam you shouldn’t be THIS comfortable.

Overall this album is decent. A lot of it kind of sounds the same but it has a good replay value. If I wanted to get drunk off bud lights I’d love this album. But I’m an adult who mixes brown liquor with cranberry juice so I’ll play this when I want to forget my student loan is past due.

I give Beerbongs and Bentley’s 8 “why can’t I say it? Dude you know I don’t mean it like THAT” out of 12.