Desiigner - Life of Desiigner

Desiigner Desiigner Desiigner. I’m impressed he’s made it to 2018.

I saw him live once and it was one of the craziest concerts I’ve ever been to. The mix of energy and his post pubescent audience made for a wild night. Plus it smelled really bad in there, not necessary for this review but keep that in mind.

When the concert was over I saw the potential in Desiigner, I wasn’t a full fan but I knew he had big things ahead of him. So when I saw that he dropped a new album called Life of Desiigner. I had to check it out.
Boy was that a mistake.

Life of Desiigner is 9 tracks of who gives a fuck.

There’s no reason for this tape to exist.


It really hurts to say this because I like Desiigner, but this ain’t Desiigner. Desiigner is an all or nothing guy. Either he’s 100 percent turnt or he’s not. He’s like a rap werewolf. This tape is like watching a half werewolf howl at the moon while checking his phone cuz he’s still a person.

It feels like the critics and trolls got to dude because it’s like he’s trying to avoid the thing that made him special to begin with. I think hearing people say he sounds like Future and doesn’t say words really hurt him so he’s trying to prove he’s more than that. Problem is the Future sound he had really worked for him. Right now it sounds like he’s too focused on sounding different instead of being himself.

What makes things worse is that he doesn’t rap about SHIT. He spent all this time trying to have a unique sound that all his songs have no content. Not saying I want to hear him rap about his fears and his desires but a verse about why he got 2 i’s in his name would’ve been cool.

Desiigner at his best sounds like Donny from the Wild Thornberries; it’s fun gibberish. But this tape is not his best. It’s crazy to say but I was really really disappointed. I expected more from Desiigner. I expected a tape I could get drunk too in the back of a 2016 Honda Accord. Instead I got a tape that you play when you want everyone to leave your house party.

Desiigner just turned 21 so hopefully he has a lot of time to make up for this, but for now this just ain’t it. I give Life of Desiigner 2 I’s Out Of 10.