Pusha T- Daytona

They say the two things certain in life are Death and Taxes, but as we’ve seen with Ric Flair and Donald Trump respectively, you can cheat your way outta both these things. So with that said we gotta update the quote, there are two things certain in life, mediocre Nick Cannon Specials and Pusha T Coke Raps.

Getting mad at Pusha T for rapping about Coke is like getting mad at Tom Brady for putting Avocado in his Pancakes. Pusha is incredible when it comes to rapping about Coke. The reason it’s incredible is because he always FINDS NEW WAYS to rap about Coke. It’s awe inspiring.

If you wanna find true love in this world find someone who talks about you the way Pusha T talks about Coke, that shit changed his whole life. But I digress, Push Ton Key decided to bless the world with an album so I had to run to the alter bend the knee and welcome his newest work: Daytona.

Daytona is 7 songs long, which pans out to roughly 21 minutes. Legit you can finish this album in the time it takes to watch an episode of Brooklyn 99 on Hulu. For some acts a short album leaves a lot to be desired but Pusha T makes the most of the time. Every verse is meticulous and precise like a barber wearing black gloves.

The replay value of this album is off the charts, I’ve listened to Daytona more times than black nerds saw Black Panther in theaters. It’s wild, I’ve tried to listen to other tapes but I keep replaying it over and over; this is audio Cocaine. Pusha doesn’t just rap about Coke, he EMBODIES Coke. This album is also so replayable because it’s so short. Everytime I try to find another tape to listen to I’m already back at the intro again so I give it another spin. 

Because this album is so short, every bar holds more weight, so it’s natural Drake dissed Pusha immediately. If I only got 7 songs and I spend 1 calling you a fraud, you gotta respond. You know your album is good when you can make a rich light skinned Nigga mad. Good on Push for bringing the culture back.

Overall there was no way I was going to hate this album. But that’s also because I knew what to expect. If you wanted to hear Pusha T rap about romance or the political climate, you’ll be disappointed. Pusha does not go chasing waterfalls, he sticks to the Rivers and the Lakes that he’s used to.

I give Daytona 9.5 Pyrex Pots Out Of 10.