Playboi Carti - Die Lit

Watching rappers grow into Rock Stars is one of my favorite things.

Back in the day if you were a New York rapper you rapped about rapping and when you stopped rapping you were either dead or in jail. It was bleak, everyone dressed like DJ Lance from Yo Gabba Gabba-it was a trying time. Now however rappers have the freedom to be anything but rappers.

Playboi Carti fits into this group as lyrically he isn’t great. His verses are short but the youth truly love his energy. Shit look at the album cover, dude is doing a flip onto the crowd! Carti makes music to do semi dangerous drugs to while you try not to scuff your Jordan’s. What truly helps him stands out are his beats.

Carti’s album is the perfect soundtrack for a day in New York cuz it’s cool but overwhelming. His verses and adlibs kind of mesh together so it’s indistinguishable what’s what. Sometimes it’s a great chaotic sound but most of the time it sounds like someone’s reheating KFC in the microwave.

On the negative side, Carti’s album is 19 songs long. In a sense it’s a lot like a day in New York in this way, it starts out fun but then what should be a quick trip turns into a delayed hour long ordeal. Seriously 19 tracks of sound effects gets really tired. It’s like listening to a 14 year old describe a fight he saw. 

Carti proudly calls himself a Mumble rapper, but after 19 songs it becomes very clear he’s a gibberish rapper. But hey the beats are fire so I can’t get too mad. Carti made the perfect album for getting lost and reading directions because he doesn’t say enough words to distract you. 

This is music for people who wear adidas track pants with Jordan’s. The kids who jump straight to face tattoos before getting any on their arms will love this. If you’re a hip hop head this really might make your head explode. If I had to be a substitute teacher for a day I would listen to Carti to prep for the chaos. 

Overall Die Lit is fun like Streets of Rage but also monotonous and annoying like Streets of Rage. The kids’ll love it though. I give Did Lit 5 Fortnight Kills Out Of 10.