Rich The Kid - The World Is Yours.

I've followed Rich The Kid on Instagram for over a year and never listened to any of his music. To be honest I thought he was one of those Social Media Celebs who gets a ton of likes even though they don't do shit. I wanted to unfollow him but one time he snuck lean onto a plane in a 5 hour energy bottle so I had to respect him. 

As time went on I started to notice that Rich The Kid hung out with a lot of prominent rappers, he was in early Migos videos and posing with Jaden Smith. I also think he slept with Blac Chyna, so that was more than enough clout to give him a good listen. With that said I pressed play on his album "The World Is Yours". 

Rich has a pretty impressive career for a guy with little rap talent. He's not a good rapper, to me he sounds like the off brand bagged cereal version of every hot Atlanta rapper. Somehow despite Rich's ability the album is semi decent. Every feature is great and every beat is smooth. It appears that Rich's true talent is being a guy people want to hang out with, and that's not terrible. Shit George W Bush won an Election because people wanted to "grab a beer with him", being likable can get you far. 

This album is like eating a watermelon rind, it's mostly unpleasant but the few sweet spots make it almost worth it. I don't want to be too critical though, Rich knows how to make an album. He doesn't know how to rap too well but Rich damn sure knows how to make an album. From experience I can tell you a bad rapper who can make a good album is worth way more than a good rapper who can't make an album. (I'm looking at you King Los, I'm not hating, I just want you to win) 

Overall The World Is Yours is a lot like the movie it gets it's title from, Scarface. It's mostly terrible but the production values and supporting cast give it life. If you have the time and need something to listen to on your way to a Day Party, listen to this album. If you want to play something for the hoes that are en-route to hang out with you at your least favorite friend's house, play this.

This is the first I've heard of Rich The Kid, it didn't make me a fan, but I'm not going to stop following him on Instagram. I give The World Is Yours 4.5 Colored Dreads out of 10.