Gucci Mane - El Gato The Human Glacier (Post #100 WE MADE IT)

Gucci Mane is the Brock Lesnar of rap. 

Brock Lesnar used to legitimately beat the shit out of People in the UFC, however now he's settled into fak-I mean "predetermined" fights in the WWE. There was a point where Gucci Mane was legitimately trapping and rapping at the same time. However as he got older he decided to leave the gangsta shit behind. Actually it was less of a decision and more of a Prison sentence. But I digress, Gucci like Brock, isn't living the life he's portraying, but he is still terrifying. 

I can go on and on about Post Prison Gucci but this is about the music and not about the man. So lets talk El Gato The Human Glacier. 

No matter how Gucci lives, he will always be able to talk that trap talk with the best of them. From Rich Ass Junkie to the Outro, Gucci never stops dropping Gangsta jewels. All with NO FEATURES. That’s like mailing a handwritten letter, you can do it but, you don’t have  to.

For those who aren't Gucci fans, this is a great album to listen to because it hits all of the Guwop points. He sells drugs, he kills people, he buys jewelry, he gets his dick sucked. That's pretty much every Gucci song ever. However if you're a longtime Gucci fan you will notice some differences. 

In early Gucci work he seemed to rap with more enthusiasm, he loved rapping because it was still new to him. He loved figuring out his flow and finding different ways to say things.

However now, Gucci raps with a quiet confidence, he knows what to say and how to say it. It's just natural to him at this point. Plus he kind of growls when he says Burr now which takes a bit to get used to.

Gucci treats rap the way a teenage Dominican treats a Civic Hatchback, it's his life. No matter what happens, Gucci will rap. 

If Gucci gets locked up, he will still rap.

If Gucci gets married, he will still rap. 

If Gucci has to go to a PTA meeting, he will still rap. 

Guwop can drop a tape at will. That is insane when you really think about it. Some rappers release one album and live off it forever. Gucci will drop an album while he's trying to figure out the name of another album. 

With that said, this is good music to run errands to. All the mundane shit you gotta do will feel like a breeze listening to this album. If you need to do laundry or mow the lawn or break down an Ounce, listen to El Gato; it’ll make the time go faster.

If you told me La Flare recorded this album cuz his Amazon Prime order got delayed I would believe you. Like you can tell by the time he finished recording he was real excited to get the new headphones he ordered. 

Overall this tape is standard Gucci Mane, no real surprises, so it’s not disappointing but it’s not INCREDIBLE. It’s consistent and it adds to his legacy. I give El Gato the Human Glacier 7 Teeth Whitening Kits out of 11.