Logic - Bobby Tarantino 2

I’ll admit, I spend a lot of time hating on Logic for rapping about being biracial, but the Nigga loves rapping about being Biracial.

However it appears that I’ve just been hating on Album Logic. Mixtape Logic, as Rick and Morty spend the intro explaining, is different. Mixtape Logic turns up and spazzes on tracks without mentioning beige people problems. With that I decided to listen to Bobby Tarantino 2.

Let’s be real, Logic can rap, that Nigga can put a rhyme together with some of the best of them. He can make a song, he can make you feel things, but he chooses to make the soundtrack for Faculty Student Basketball games.

Bobby Tarantino 2 has an edge but it’s more suitable for the bookstore than the block. This is the shit you listen to when you finesse at a GameStop. If you can get more than 50 dollars back on 8 used games, you should listen to Logic.

Bobby Tarantino 2 is some shit you listen to adderalled out the night before a Final. He raps fast but doesn’t get too complicated so it’s the perfect music for trying to read an entire textbook in 8 hours.

This tape brings up a conundrum though. Logic doesn’t care if you think he’s cool, but he raps about it in a way to say “not caring makes me cool”. But if you spend all your time talking about how you’re cool with not being cool then don’t you in fact care if you’re cool??


I understand this struggle though, everyone wants to be cool, so everyone does things to look cool. Some people get tattoos or Jordan’s, Logic makes music that sound like Travis Scott or Drake. We all got our demons.

Overall Bobby Tarantino 2 is good, if you’re a Logic Fan. It’s also good if you’ve never listened to Logic. However if you’re a Logic hater committed to the culture of Hate, this ain’t gonna change anything for you. I give Bobby Tarantino 7.5 Morty’s whining “Aww Jeez Rick did we just end up on a Mixtape?” Out of 10