Rich Brian-Amen

lIf you had a Voice like Rich Brian you would rap too. This dude has an amazing rap voice. Having a good voice in rap is like being 6’8 in basketball, even if you’re trash you’ll still get attention. Luckily Rich Brian isn’t trash, he’s mediocre.

Rich Brian aka Rich Chigga first gained notoriety with the single Dat Stick, everyone was amazed a young Asian in a polo and khaki shorts was rapping while holding a pistol. At first I was real skeptical, I mean his name was “Rich Chigga”. That’s wild corny. But then he responded to the backlash and eventually changed his name to Rich Brian. He also got a co-sign from Ghostface so I figured I could give his album “Amen” a shot.

Being “cool” is funny because sometimes a person is genuinely Cool, and other times their coolness is just a mask to hide a very awkward person. Brian is a good mix of legitimately Cool and legitimately Awkward. For an 18 year old rich kid he’s got a decent amount of swag and humility.

He doesn’t have a lot of life experience but he makes up for it with a good sense of humor so his songs are enjoyable. For example, he’s got a song about losing his virginity which is better than all 6 Of J Coles virginity songs.

Sometimes when I hear teenagers live their dreams I get real resentful of my own shortcomings, which is why I don’t watch College Basketball. However Rich Brian’s success just seems natural, if you were a person like him you’d HAVE to win. Like there’s no other option but to succeed. He’s a natural.

But let’s not get this twisted, this isn’t Jaden Smith level music, he’s no prodigy. He’s just naturally talented. The music is decent but it’s not life changing. This is shit you’d listen to while you drive a rental car to your Cousin’s College graduation. Like it’s cool, it’s fun but you’ll be more impressed with how smooth  the 2017 Chevy Cobalt drives.

Rich Brian’s album was a real surprise to me, I thought after Dat Stick he’d just fade into having a decent Instagram page and eventually being a model in the Supreme x Asa Akira line. But here he is with a whole album with quaint beats. Good job Brian. I give this 5.5 Invites to the Barbecue out of 10.