Boosie Badazz-BooPac

Lil Boosie is an Artist that just doesn't get the love he deserves, in the North. 

Every year since he's been out of jail I've waited for Boosie to do a concert tour up north, but he always stops around North Carolina. It's wild, the North just doesn't respect Boosie like it should. 

Cuz down South that Nigga is a GOD. Boosie got his own clothing line, liquor, hood movies; and millions of fans who would die for him. Also a rapper had beef with Boosie, called himself Nussie BadAzz and ended up dead. Not exactly a positive but it lets you know, people will kill for Boosie. 

When he dropped an album called BooPac, mainstream Northern media trashed him, called him an idiot and all kinds of delusional, but down south people understood what he meant: He embodies that 2pac spirit.  

Let's get into BooPac

I don't like to think of Boosie as a rapper, he's not gonna bar you to death or flow crazy, but he will tell his story on the beat. Boosie Badazz is a man who beat deathrow, did 9 years in one of the worst Prisons in the US AND beat cancer WITH NO INSURANCE. Plus he still has Diabetes. The world keeps trying to take him out but Boosie stands Tall. No wonder he dropped the "lil" from his name. 

With all that pain and frustration, Boosie's verses are filled with pure credibility. He doesn't brag about doing gangsta shit, he just is a Gangsta. He doesn't brag about being a Survivor, he just is a survivor. He doesn't brag about fucking women, he just has mad Kids. Boosie is all about the results. 

BooPac is a long and difficult album to get through. Not because it's bad but because you can just feel the pain. BooPac plays out like an episode of This Is Us where everyone stops hugging and starts selling Dope. 

Boosie will make you wanna sell drugs, then quit selling drugs and then warn the kids about selling drugs. His story is difficult to tell but he brings you on a real journey through his life. This is an album that will make Gangstas cry, I can see real deal murderers shed tears to this. 

My favorite part of the album is that sometimes Boosie will just end verses on an off bar. Like he'll say some deep shit that'll just make you go "Gahd DAMN" and then trail off. Whoever mixed and mastered this definitely had to step outside and smoke a cigarette in between songs cuz this is heavy. 

What's real interesting is that as difficult as this album can be, it has amazing replay value. I've been listening to this for the past month and only thought to review it when I was making a playlist. This is a must have album for any rap fan. This is a story of a guy who went to hell and back and still stood his ground. THIS IS A GUY WHO PAID FOR KIDNEY SURGERY OUT OF POCKET. YOU GOTTA REALLY BE BOUT WHAT YOU RAP BOUT TO PAY FOR KIDNEY SURGERY OUT OF POCKET. 

This album reminds me that Louisiana is one of the most underrated Rap States. Boosie Badazz may never get "National" love, but his fanbase will follow him to the end of the earth and back. When it is all said and done BooPac will be one of his crowning achievements.

I give BooPac 9.5 Boosie Fades out of 10.