Sheck Wes - Mudboy

A few months back I was on my way to a Yankees (bleh) game with my girlfriend and I heard a song so monotonous and dumb I said multiple times “what the fuck is this??” 2 months later I caught myself humming the chorus everyday even though I only heard it once. In this time I saw the internet going crazy over a song called Mo Bamba, everywhere I looked people were talking about Mo Bamba. Finally two weeks ago I went on Tidal and searched for Mo Bamba and found a song by a guy named Sheck Wes.

To my surprise I heard the song that had driven me crazy.

So with that intro, let’s get into Sheck Wes’s album Mudboy.

After one listen I can tell your right now I can only enjoy this album Drunk. This is not meant for sober minds.

This is the type of music you listen to while you drink and play off your anxiety about being on Academic Probation. This nigga ain’t saying shit but the shit he ain’t saying is hitting. This is an album you can’t fully listen to. You gotta pick up soundbites of shit like a Kanye rant.

I think a lot of hip hop fans have problems with newer artists because we crave lyricism. The beats are a vehicle for the lyrics, but a lot of new artists use lyrics as a vehicle for the beat. So while we’re waiting for some profound bars we’re missing the vibe the beat is creating. Mudboy is not a lyrical album in any sense of the word, but these beats are dope as fuck.

The beats are so dope that you can’t really do anything on them besides what Sheck Wes is doing. You can’t come at a beat like Mo Bamba with lyricism. Trying to flow on these beats is like trying to dribble with a dodgeball, some might be able to do it but it’ll take too much effort and won’t be as fun as just bouncing it off someone’s face.

Mudboy is a well produce mess. if this album was a shoe it’d be a new pair of Vans with dirty laces. Sheck Wes won’t beat niggas ass but he will make sure that you get fucked up in the mosh pit. This is music for venues that charge 8 dollars for water cuz they know everyone’s gonna be dehydrated after he finishes his set.

Overall I enjoyed this album as much as I personally could. This album is for young token black friends who need to feel like another Nigga is in the room at white parties. I give Mudboy 6 cracked phone screens out of 9.