Quavo - Quavo Huncho

I remember one of my favorite Simpsons’ gags was a moment where Homer opened 3 different boxes of Neapolitan ice cream, only to be frustrated that the chocolate was gone in each one. Marge chimed in and said “why don’t I just buy chocolate ice cream?” Homer responded “that’s too much Chocolate”

When I heard that Quavo was dropping a 19 track solo album this moment came to mind.

Now I could go on and on about how we as a society love to ask for things then immediately turn around and shit on those things when we get them because we’re all idiots but there’s a guy in a cardigan on a first date saying the same thing. Let’s get into Quavo Huncho.

This album bothers me.

It bothers me but it’s not because it’s bad. The album isn’t terrible. It’s not amazing, but not terrible. I couldn’t see myself buying it. But if it came free with a t shirt or a sneaker raffle ticket I’d be satisfied.

Quavo made an album with a “I really miss my friends” vibe. Listening to Quavo Huncho is like going to class when both your favorite homies are sick that day. You can still have fun but it’s not the same.

What bothers me about this album is that while it’s not bad (it really isn’t!) it’s clear that the quality doesn’t matter. No matter how good or bad this album is, it was still gonna sell, they were still gonna quote it on Sportscenter, and Beto Rourke is still going to come out to one of the instrumentals at a rally. This album had no stakes as it was already a victory based on the fact that the Migos can’t lose.

Cardi B can’t lose either, but she put effort into her album like there was a chance it’d flop. I don’t feel that same energy here. To be fair Cardi and Quavo are at different points in their career, but still, the energy isn’t there.

I will say beyond that lack of energy, the album really isn’t terrible! it just takes a bit of time for Quavo to really come into his own. This isn’t a solo project as much as it’s a test. This was Quavo stretching his legs and seeing what he can do without the rest of his group. I feel like the Migos will be better because of this. This is an album you listen to while you scroll on your phone pretending to be cool at a party you don’t belong at. If you focus hard enough you’ll be able to smell Hookah smoke.

Overall I didn’t hate Quavo Huncho, I can let it play and go about my business as normal. It’s music. Beyond that it’s not much else. I give Quavo Huncho 4 Unnecessary Adlibs out of 8.