Machine Gun Kelly-Bloom

I didn’t want to write this.

I really wanted to hate Machine Gun Kelly. 

Machine Gun Kelly is like that guy your girlfriend fucks when you go on a break. He’s gross and kind of an idiot but for some reason she had to make that mistake to realize she was still in love with you.He comes across like the kind of guy who’s really into hookah and Tony Robbins affirmations. You wanna hate the dude but at the end of the day he’s actually pretty cool. 

Enter Bloom. 

This is an album that you listen to over the weekend to forget that you’re in software sales, MGK raps about doing drugs, fucking hoes, then doing more drugs so he can forget how sad he is. Seriously this dude is miserable, like I get that white privilege exists but this dude reaped no benefits. 

That’s another thing about MGK, while he is a white guy that raps, he never mentions that he’s a white guy that raps. That’s pretty impressive, cuz no matter how good a white rapper is it is almost impossible for them not to mention they’re a white rapper. White rappers talk about being white the way Male feminists talk about being Feminists, “i know I’m not supposed to be this but I am and I deserve all the attention”. Fortunately, MGK is way too fucked up to even know what races are let alone speak on them. Everyone’s the same race when you’re blackout drunk. 

But lets get to the nitty gritty, Gunna can rap. When it comes down to the music MGK puts forth full effort and tries to diversify his flows and cadences, like has has to to become a better rapper. He’s a guy that could honestly say “if it wasn’t for music I’d blow my brains out” and I would totally believe him. I am very impressed with the quality of his work and he’s made me into a begrudging fan. Seriously I really want to hate this guy, he just looks like the he’d give everyone in my family VD, but he’s good at music. 

Now there are some dumb ass songs on this tape with annoying choruses by girls with half their head shaved, but those can easily be looked past. Machine Gun Kelly is trying to be the best he can be, he wants to hit every demographic, and I can respect it. 

I give this album 4 “Did you fuck him??” texts out of 5.