The Marathon - Nipsey Hussle

Hey you guys, it's #MixtapeMonday! Seeing as it's Boston Marathon Monday, what better mixtape to listen to than Nipsey Hussles classic, The Marathon? 

Neighborhood Nip might be Snoop Dogg 2.0. He's tall, skinny and has braids. Oh and also he's a Crip, that's pretty important. The only thing keeping him from getting to that next level is a "Dr Dre" type producer. But I digress, Nipsey is very talented and The Marathon is motivational. You can tell on this mixtape he's trying to aspire for more and wants you to as well. 

Every song is like a daily affirmation. You wanna get up and do something with your life, whether it be start a business, get your degree or join a gang. This mixtape will bring you to success. 

It's no surprise that after this mixtape dropped Nipsey built a rabid fanbase that was willing to pay $100 and then $1000 dollars for a copy of his album. He's like a preacher except I trust him. 

This mixtape is a classic. Everyone needs it in their lives. I give it 8 pairs of Chuck Taylor's out of 8.