JunglePussy: Pregnant With Success

Hey y'all it's #TBT, I couldn't think of an old album to revisit cuz there's only one artist on my mind. JunglePussy. 

Now if you're a girl that has my number, odds are I've texted you drunk at 1 AM preaching the greatness of JunglePussy. If you're a dude who's been in a car with me I've told you listen to listen to "I know the name sounds crazy but" JunglePussy. 

JunglePussy is great cuz shes bold, she's raunchy and can rap her fucking ass off. She's got the persona that white girls in Brooklyn are gonna star co-opting in like 6 months. 

Now onto her album Pregnant with Success, it's about 10 songs long so it's on the short side but she packs it with some dope raps. On one track she talks about a nigga that took her to the Zoo for a date and now she can't go back to regular niggas.

She makes music for the girls that wanna key up a dudes car but don't have the follow thru; if you feel like you're being mistreated by that dumb nigga who hasn't texted you back,you can live vicariously through her. 

She's like if Trina's themes and Kool G Rap's flow had a little rapper baby. 

I can't go on about how dope this shit is, it's so raunchy that a Haitian uber driver almost kicked me out the car cuz it was "innappwopwiate". JunglePussy is the future. 

I gotta give this 8.5 satin head wraps out of 10