J Cole - 4 Your Eyez Only

I get why people love J Cole; he's motivating. You wanna do better when you listen to him. He'll help you pass a class or apply to be an organ donor. He's a great bridge between child and adult all with a dab of pretentiousness.

All those memes about how real rap is dying because Lil Yachty likes to have fun were all created with J Cole playing in the background.

People like to think they're superior cuz they like J Cole.

But he's a pretty decent rapper, never had a bad verse, and can lose himself in the moment; that's all pretty cool. So when 4 Your Eyez Only came out I had to check it out.

This album feels like all the overly dramatic parts of Boyz In Da Hood and Menace 2 Society combined. Like I know shit is bleak but My Nigga you are RICH.

That's my reaction to damn near every song on this album:

  • "Idk how I'm gonna take care of my daughter" "My Nigga you RICH"
  • "Here's yet another song about stealing a Niggas girl" "My Nigga, you're RICH"
  • "My friends keep dying and idk how Ima make it out" "Nigga...you are WEALTHY"

I get that he wants to empathize with "the struggle" but he's highly successful. I understand that he hates being famous but you can't spend 3 albums rapping about Survivor's Remorse and Student Loans. You went platinum with no features, you can rap about more shit. 

J Cole is like that friend you have who loves to make jokes about being "worked like a slave" and calls the workplace "the plantation". It works when you're talking about an internship or retail but the joke gets tired when he starts getting promotions.

All and all, this shit is ok. I never turned it off when I listened and at times really enjoyed it. But Cole ain't for me, well not now at least. If I was in my early 20s and still tried to convince girls to go on walks cuz I'm broke, this would be my soundtrack.

This is Bus ride music. So with that I give it 6 Bus passes out of 10.