Lil Durk - Love Songs 4 The Streets 2

I don’t know when or how it happened but I think I’m a Lil Durk fan. I don’t think about him and I couldn’t tell you any of his hit singles but every time he has a new album I listen to it 4-5 times with no skips. I like Lil Durk music the same way I like Gin; I have no reason to enjoy it but when it’s around me I can’t help but embrace it. 

The most surprising thing to me about Lil Durk is that I’ve been listening to him for 8 years. I can remember driving my college girlfriend’s Volvo listening to ‘Dis Ain’t What U Want’ thinking about the Ops even though my girlfriend so white she hated giving money to Homeless people. Durk does his thing. 

So the minute I found out Lil Durk has a new album I had to listen. Without further ado, let’s get into “Love Songs 4 The Streets 2”. 

Now if you don’t know Lil Durk is currently fighting a case where someone was shot, he just got out on Bond and it’s pretty likely he’s gonna do some time. There’s footage of him at the scene of the crime with a gun and he’s got Blonde Dreads; things aren’t looking great. However while he’s still free he decided to give us an album expressing what’s on his mind and how he feels. 

After one full listen it’s safe to say that this  Nigga is stressed the fuck out. 

Now I know it’s problematic but there’s something special about rappers rapping about the crimes and cases in their lives. It’s like finding out a pro-wrestler also does MMA, we know this is a fantasy but it’s fun to know they could really live this life. Seriously hearing Durk rap/sing about his court cases is exciting as hell; I feel dangerous even though I live a safe ass life. This album got me saying shit like “you know what? Give me 2 slices of bread with my sweet green harvest bowl!” I feel reckless and the battery is in my back like the Energy Bunny. There are some songs where verses end short or awkward pauses arise but you realize soon enough that some lyrics were removed from the album. While it’s super lame when swears are censored on albums but there is nothing cooler than having lines censored because they’re incriminating evidence. This shit is hella thorough. 

I honestly can’t tell you why Durk is a good rapper. His punchlines aren’t crazy, his flow isn’t hypnotizing, he kind of just says shit, but it really works for him. Even the auto tune shit he does sounds damn near enchanting. This would be a great album to listen to while you clean a Gun. Its soothing but you’re still on edge because you can’t trust anyone; if you’ve ever walked outside on a breezy summer evening and still felt like you had to look over your shoulder, this album is for you. 

What I really enjoy about this album is that Durk doesn’t glorify his lifestyle, while he raps confidently about the shit he’s been involved in, there’s a bit of regret in every bar. He doesn’t explicitly state this but you get the feeling that he wishes his life could’ve lead him somewhere different. After a full listen you realize that the name “Love Songs 4 The Streets 2” is actually ironic because the streets don’t love you back. The relationship between Durk and the Streets reminds me of Napoleon and Josephine. While he waxed poetic about how much Josephine meant to him, it was clear that she didn’t love or respect him. As the album goes on it becomes clear that Durk is realizing The Streets don’t care about him and he fears he might be too late. 

Violence in Chicago is a hot button issue as many Republicans try to use it as a deflection when a white terrorist shoots up an elementary school or a movie theater. It’s often seen as senseless and mindless murder, but after listening to Durk’s album, you can tell this is deeper. Durk thinks too much and too deeply to get caught up in the violence, the issue is that he feels trapped inside of it. It’s hard to change your life when you’ve been told and affirmed of the fact that this is the only life you can live. This is a tragic love story and Durk is the tragic hero. 

I really enjoyed this album, where most artists spend time fabricating stories of strife to sell their persona, Lil Durk comes off sincere. I really really really hope they don’t play this in court though. I give “Love Songs 4 The Streets 2” 7.5 incriminating DJ Vlad interviews out of 9.