Bhad Bhabie - 15

 “If Britney Spears can make it through 2007, you can make it through anything”

That’s a quote I see all over the internet that’s supposed to be inspirational. In a sense it is. 2007 was an insane time for Britney Spears but she made it through and is now she’s living a pretty decent life. It’s inspirational until you realize with that in 2018 we can all become Britney Spears in 2007, we’re one viral meme or moment away from being the punchline to society’s joke of the week. We can all become “hide ya kids, hide ya wife” no one is exempt from “ain’t nobody got time for that” no one is above “catch me outside, how bow dah”.

What do you do when you become a meme? Do you truly believe your celebrity and you milk it for all it’s worth? Or Do you start rapping Danielle Bregoli aka “the Catch Me Outside Girl” aka Bhad Bhabie decided to do both and now it’s time to get into her tape 15.

I know what a lot of you are thinking. “Why the fuck are you listening to this?” I honestly couldn’t tell you. I hated her for a while, I thought she was trashy and a brat. But then I saw her laugh in Dr. Phil’s face as she told him that he’s using her to be relevant again and it made me see there was more to her. She dropped a song last year and it wasn’t terrible so I figured I’d give her tape a chance.

Aight so…it’s not good…but its not..that…bad.

It’s blatantly obvious she’s not writing her own music but she admits that. It’s obvious that everyone who produced for her really needed a check but she admits that. Honestly the one thing that keeps this tape together is the fact that she tells the truth. She doesn’t lie. She likes Fighting, she likes getting Money, and she likes being able to both without getting arrested. In a weird way there’s an innocence here. Even though she swears, she doesn’t rap about anything inappropriate. It’s so innocent that when there’s a guest verse and THEY mention sex I wanted to stop and say “yo can you chill? There’s a CHILD here!”

“15” is a mixtape for the kids who feel badass for sneaking into Rated R movies. This is what you listen to because you’re upset that your mom won’t drive you to Rose’s house because her brother got suspended for throwing a Rock at the principal and “that WHOLE family has an issue”. This is an album for girls who fight at High School Graduations because they said it was “on sight”.

I know I haven’t convinced most of you that this is worth listening to. But if I want to keep it a whole 100 I would rather listen to Bhad Bhabie than alot of these new niggas cuz I know she’s not sexual deviant. If I had to choose between her and Tekashi 69 I would listen to Hi Bich 15 times in a row. This is misfit music.

I don’t know what Bhad Bhabie’s gonna do or when her “ok you’ve done too much niggly shit and white people want you back” Today Show Makeover is gonna happen. But what I do know is that I didn’t hate “15” as much as I expected to. I give “15” 6.5 fake IDs out of 11.