Travis Scott - Astroworld

Travis Scott is an enigma.


I’m not exactly sure what his motivations and desires are. For a while I seriously thought he had a personality disorder. He reminded me of L from Death Note in real life. As an anime character he’d be cool as fuck but in real life he’s a guy dressed like a ninja in a place we didn’t need ninjas.

Actually that’s a great way to describe Travis, a HipHop ninja in a room where we didn’t need Ninjas.

This year Travis Scott had a baby with Kardashian, released his own WRESTLING THEMED Jordans and dropped his long anticipated album...all while having the same dusty braids. La Flame is living the every young black nerds dream so in honor of this let’s get into ASTROWORLD.

I like it, but I don’t understand what’s happening.

Usually I like to write a review immediately after I hear the album to make sure my opinions are pure but I had to sit with this one for weeks. I legitimately was confused as hell the entire time I listened to it. I listened to it on my way to work and thought I was accidentally skipping through tracks, I listened to it when I was out drinking and thought I was blacking out. This shit makes no sense, but it’s dope.

No lie this album got me so disoriented I almost dropped my phone and I was holding it with TWO hands. The issue is that there’s so many beat swaps it’s hard to get into a good groove. This album reminds me of those days I wish I could wear multiple pairs of shoes at once. This shit is a Hodgepodge, like remember in Juice when Steel mixed the grits with eggs, bacon, hot sauce and a bunch of other shit? Astroworld is that.

Travis makes music that facilitates white kids saying Nigga and wylin out in the Mosh Pit at the same time. Low-key its a winning formula. Sicko Mode is the last thing a college kid in a bootleg Steve Nash jersey is gonna hear before he’s trampled into a coma at a concert.

The biggest issue with this album is that it’s lyrically gibberish. Seriously I have no idea what La Flame is talking about on any song. Travis has been compared to Kanye for years but the main difference between the two (besides political idiocy) is that Kanye can always get his point across on song, even if it’s a dumb ass point I know what he’s thinking. I don’t know what Travis is thinking at any point in time, I’m not sure if he’s happy or sad or mad, all I know is that he’s saying words. This album is like reading a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book straight through instead of jumping to page 34 and then back to page 16.

The crazy part is, I still rock with it! Honestly I think it’s impossible not to enjoy it because it’s 3 different albums at once. Its a really fun trip, Travis made an album feel like an amusement park, if I close my eyes for long enough I can almost see an exhausted middle aged white dad trying his hardest not to check out teenage girls in short shorts.

Overall Astroworld is a mess, a beautiful mess, but a mess nonetheless. Travis Scott is a great young talent and he’s had a helluva 2018. I give Astroworld 8 Six Flags Speed Passes Out Of 10.