SAINt JHN - Collection One

I like SAINt JHN reminds me of the best parts of Modern Kanye because he’s a mix of Kid Cudi and Travis Scott. What makes him better is that he comes at a cheaper price point than all three of those artists. SAINt JHN makes quality music that feels very accessible. He’s like the Stussy brand; fancy but affordable.

It’s a little difficult to find out more information about him because even though his name is pronounced Saint John, it’s spelled SAINt JHN. To me it’s a little unnecessary but I also make people call me Tawanda and shoot down any Nickname Ideas, so I get it. With that said it’s time to check out SAINt JHN’s “Collection One”

Simply put, I rock with it. I could see myself buying leather to this. This is good Tannery music. The songs are cool enough that I would want to flex with a leather jacket, OR they’re sad enough that I feel like I’d need a leather jacket to fill the hole in my life. Every song is dark, like I knew he was dark skinned before I even saw him. I just heard the music and thought to myself "Yea he tells people to turn the flash on before EVERY picture".

This is the type of music you play when you want to impress that friend of yours who only wears Yeezys. This guy is really talented, Like, he’s so talented that I could see him signing to G.O.O.D. Music if Pusha T ever gets tired of Desiigner and wants to hear someone say words again.

On a personal level I like the music because he makes futuristic music about a lifestyle I totally understand. It’s like if Black Panther had student loans and fears of inadequacy. If I could make music I would make music that sounded like this. 

It’s not flawless though, at some points SAINt JHN loses himself and sounds too much like his inspirations. There were points on this album that were so much like Travis Scott that I asked myself why I wasn’t listening to Travis Scott. To JHN’s credit though I never listened to Travis. Liking this album feels like loving the movie "Antz" when everyone else is stuck on "A Bug's Life". 

SAINt JHN has a lot of potential and I'm really waiting to see how he performs live. The fact that I am excited to see him live tells me that he's got some talent. SAINt JHN has a bright career ahead of him, hopefully he doesn't get Kendall Jenner pregnant and usher in the apocalypse. I give “Collection One” 7.5 Asymmetrical Zippers out of 10.