Snoop Dogg Presents The Bible Of Love

Snoop Dogg is rich enough to do anything he wants.

Snoop Dogg is the only person who can be on Sesame Street, on set with Martha Stewart and still find time to GangBang in the same day. Snoop has a work ethic like none other. Snoop has the freedom to do whatever without it affecting his legacy.

He has so much freedom that he just released a 2 Hour Gospel album. Yes, Snoop Dogg has an album dedicated to Jesus. At first I was skeptical about listening to it but if I can give Chris Brown 2 and half hours of my time, I can do the same for God.

So with that I put on my best Easter suit and listen to “Snoop Dogg Presents The Bible Of Love”.

The first really surprising thing about this album is that even though it’s a Snoop album he’s not heavily featured. This album has several legitimate gospel singers on it. Gospel Artists always intrigued me because they always have better jewelry than rappers. I digress though, Snoop has an all star team of Gospel Singers on this. I  feel bad for any snoop fan who likes to get high before they listen to his music because they are about to get an earful of Charlie Wilson praising God.

This album really is what it’s like to go to (Black) Church. It’s heartfelt, you’ll want to cry, and it is long as Heck. I mean it is looong, it is “hey this Church Pew is actually comfortable” long. This is the album you play when you’re picking up your grandma from the airport and you want to distract her from the weed smell in the backseat of your 2005 Honda Accord.

Snoop curated an album for all the old black ladies that still call him “Snoop Doggy Dogg” and only watch BET on Sundays. But to be real, I don’t hate it, it’s inspiring. If you need music to get you to that next paycheck, listen to this.

This is music you play to impress a former Jet Magazine Beauty Of The Week. This is the music you play when you’re out of weed and praying that your weed man picks up. It makes the impossible possible.

Snoop Dogg is on a journey to figure out what he’s here for. He currently has a Netflix docu-series about his youth Football league and it’s positive effect on neighborhoods across the country. Snoop has made millions of Pimpin’, Crippin and Weed, however it appears that now his mission is to give back. Low key I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s gearing himself up for a run into politics, and I wouldn’t blame him. Weed is legal in most places and the current President is out here banging pornstars, with that in mind Snoop is totally qualified to be a City Council member at the least.

Overall this album is Good, I feel like it’s washed away the evil I feel listening to Kodak Black. I personally wouldn’t buy this but the kid who gets this as a present from his Overly Religious Aunt is going to be presently surprised. I give Snoop Dogg Presents The Bible Of Love 8 Church Lady Hats out of 10.