Black Panther: The Album Music From And Inspired By

A soundtrack is at its best when it’s good.

An amazing soundtrack always risks outshining the movie. A soundtracks purpose is to be a good wingman to the movie. It’s charming but not too charming to distract from the main attraction.

Superfly is an amazing soundtrack, so much so that it hurts the movie. No one wants to watch a movie about selling dope if all the songs are about how awful dope is.

Bad Boys 2 has my favorite soundtrack but again no one wants to root for cops if all the songs are gangsta rap. Can’t root for justice to prevail when crack vials and a little bit of base is all takes to make the Block Get Wild.

Black Panther is an important movie in 2018. It’s a black superhero movie released during  black history month during the term of an openly racist president. This shit matters. So the soundtrack has the responsibility of living up to the hype Niggas everywhere have given this movie.

Kendrick Lamar cultivated the best artists he could to make something special. He did such a good job I sincerely wonder what the hell DJ Khaled does. Kendrick put his whole foot in this Soundtrack, instead of pushing himself to the forefront he lets other artists set the scene. It’s real dope.

What’s real dope is that none of this music is TOO interesting. Each song is like a Britney Spears backup dancer; they do a good job supporting what we all came to see without drawing us in too deep.

When this movie comes out, we’re gonna be bombarded with complaints from:

-Hwhite people about reverse racism

-Overly critical niggas who just discovered their blackness yesterday are gonna complain about the fact there were white Key Grips on staff

-Hotep Niggas are gonna be mad Black Panther has long feminine nails

-Africans wondering why this doesn’t take place in an actual African Country even though this movie takes place in a fantastical universe where white people didn’t strip EVERYTHING out of Africa

And plenty more complaints we’ve yet to see. However, no ones gonna complain about this Soundtrack. This shit knocks, but not TOO loud. I give this soundtrack 6  “Black Panther and Chill Club Event Tickets” out of 8.