Blac Youngsta-223

Blac Youngsta is the funniest person on the internet. 

I know, I'm a comedian so I'm supposed to be snobby about what makes me laugh but that Nigga is hilarious. He throws money all over gas stations and stutters with his eyes closed about balling harder than your great great great great great grandmama. Everything he does is funny, well almost everything, sometimes he (allegedly) shoots people.

I love Blac Youngsta but I never wanted to see him rap, mostly cuz I knew it was trash. But then by the grace of God 223 came out. 

223 is surprisingly good. Like its still Blac Youngsta and he still reminds me of the funny nigga who always got suspended but its good. Blac Youngsta's flow isn't great and his cadence isn't amazing but he said "I don't text cuz I can't spell everything I wanna say" and that is incredible. 

On another song Blac Youngsta says "Girl you look better than Beyonce, fuck that, no one look better than Beyonce" like..who thinks to say that? Blac Youngsta is a comic genius. 

But then what makes this album crazy is that he'll say some real shit! Like "I ain't forget about Flint" or "Donald Trump a bitch he need to get slapped" That's some real poignant shit! Like YES Blac Youngsta, we can't forget about Flint or slapping the President. 


Blac Youngsta says mad gangsta shit. 

I mean really really gangsta shit. Like "even if I kill yo Mama we will still have beef" that is relentless. Blac Youngsta has seen some shit and it's very apparent. 

Don't get it twisted though, the song quality still isn't amazing. This is like reading a letter someone wrote in Crayon, or like a low budget hood movie. This is the soundtrack for sitting with your friends in Detention. 

I was pleasantly surprised by this Album, what Blac Youngsta lacks in skill, he makes up for in Heart. Some people aren't gonna like this album, but those are also the people that think Gucci Mane today is better than Gucci before jail. I gotta give Blac Youngsta props, cuz even when the music isn't good he's trying his best. I give this album 6.5 Balls of Money out of 10.