Young Dolph: Niggas Get Shot Everyday

People keep trying to Kill Young Dolph.

Young Dolph has been shot at countless times but he keeps taking shit. It doesn’t make sense. Dolph embodies the phrase “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” because he keeps dropping heat.

He’s so confident after facing near death that he named his EP: Niggas Get Shot Everyday. You gotta be an arrogant ass nigga to put “Nigga” in your album title.

Anyway let’s get to the music.

Young Dolph is an inspiration to arrogant reckless Niggas everywhere, because getting shot doesn’t stop him from flexing. Each song is more arrogant than the last.  Dolph wants to motivate you by showing you how unstoppable he is.

This is that music you play when you get a parking ticket after you just got fired from your job. This is the soundtrack to seeing your ex walk out the Gucci Store with her new man while you in an Uber Pool. This is what you play to bounce back and bounce back hard. 

Dolph is angry but he’s never negative, Dolph ain’t smiling but he’s never sad. Dolph is a man on a mission. While he hasn’t improved as a rapper, he’s shown stronger resilience than ever before. He doesn’t have punchlines as much as he just says some lines louder than others, but on this tape each bar is dripping with legitimacy: Dolph Lives This Life.

Time will tell if a man who’s had several brushes with death can maintain his arrogance and sanity, but for now Dolph is at the top of his game.  

I give Niggas Get Shot Everyday 5 Bullet Proof Vests out of 8.