Payroll Giovanni: Big Bossin Vol 2

Sometimes a rap name is just perfect.


Tity Boi was ok but 2 Chainz is a Star. K Dot could spit a 16 but Kendrick Lamar affected a Nation. Rap Names can make or break a career.


Enter Payroll Giovanni. “Payroll Giovanni” just sounds fly. Payroll Giovanni sounds like the only Italian Mob Boss who didn’t hate Black People. It’s a perfect mix of gangsta and cool. So when I saw that a guy named Payroll Giovanni dropped an album with Cardo, the most UNDERRATED modern producer, I had to listen to “Big Bossin Vol. 2”.


I love this album, it’s the perfect mix of Ballin, Hustling and Humbling. Giovanni is proud of the lifestyle he’s created for himself, but he won’t go back to the life he had to live to get here. This album is has a 90s drug dealing vibe with a modern twist. Like, you can hear the Beeper go off, but it’s Bruno Mars calling for some work.


Cardo creates the perfect soundtrack for Payroll to reminisce over the game that made him rich while still staying cautious of the easy downfalls. This is the shit Harold from Menace 2 Society would listen to while he gave Cain life advice.


The verses on this album got that YG authenticity; you don’t care about technical skill cuz he’s painting a real picture. You don’t need a crazy flow or punchlines when you’re saying real shit.  And I totally believe him because he’s from Detroit. You gotta be about this life if you’re from Detroit. Those niggas will not let you slide. Shit Eminem is arguably one of the greatest artists of all time and those Detroit Niggas used to beat him the fuck up. You gotta talk it how you walk it to rap in the D.


I know you don’t know who Payroll Giovanni is, but you need to. He’s got a lot to prove but he’s got way more to say. I give this album 8 Dark Tinted Windows out of 10